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Role profiles for school support staff

Role profiles for school support staff

Currently there are no national job descriptions for school support staff jobs, but there are 59 model role profiles which schools can use as a basis for forming job descriptions. These were developed jointly by the National Joint Council (NJC) for local government services, the negotiating body which determines pay, terms and conditions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The NJC is made up of representatives from UNISON, other trade unions and the employers. 

The profiles can be used to illustrate career pathways. They are organised in the following 5 job families and can be downloaded via the links below:  

Teaching and learning support job family

  • Teaching assistant levels 1-5
  • Additional needs support assistant levels 1-3
  • Cover supervision
  • Early years levels 1-5

Specialist and technical job family

  • ICT support levels 1-3
  • Library/resource centre levels 1-3
  • Technician levels 1-4

Administrative and management job family

  • Administration levels 1-4
  • Business management levels 1-3
  • Examinations levels 1- 2
  • Examinations invigilation
  • Finance levels 1-4

Facilities job family

  • Catering in schools levels 1-5
  • Premises levels 1-6

Pupil support and welfare job family

  • Behaviour management
  • Learning mentor levels 1-3
  • Midday supervision levels 1-3
  • Pupil well-being management
  • School attendance and family support levels 1-2

For information about how the profiles were developed and how they should be used, please read the accompanying guidance document