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Theresa Scott

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Theresa Scott

Theresa Scott - ICT technician

Name: Theresa Scott

Job Role: ICT technician

School: Our Lady’s High School, Cumbernauld

Bio: Experienced ICT technician with a background in the Civil Service

I play a central role in the school as an ICT technician. Information & communication technology has is now an integral part of delivering education for both teachers and pupils, this enables an enhanced learning experience for all pupils across the curriculum.

Before becoming an ICT technician I had been an administration assistant in the Civil Service, which I left to have a family. Before returning to work I decided I would like to retrain and try something different. I embarked on a 3 year college course and achieved a HND in computing and software development. I then did a volunteer work placement in Strathclyde University to gain some practical work experience. This was invaluable to help me secure the position that I am employed in today.

In my role there is no such thing as a typical day, I am responsible for first line maintenance of all aspects of ICT equipment and software within the school. On any given day, I create server accounts, email accounts, I set up audio-visual equipment for presentations throughout the school. I upgrade software and demonstrate the best use of the software to staff and pupils. I change toner in printers. I  also ensure that the server is accessible and liaise with outside agencies should the systems fail. I reports faults to the corporate service desk in line with current policy. I advise on purchase of ICT equipment within the school ensuring that all equipment is to specified standard. I deliver training to staff on new and existing software. We recently had a complete refresh of all desktop computers in the school. I played a central role in the planning and execution of the smooth transition to minimise disruption to learning and teaching. My duties are very extensive and too numerous to list.

The skill required in this role apart from technical knowledge are most importantly good communication skills. The ability to listen and understand the problem that any member of staff or student is experiencing is essential in delivering a good service. It is also imperative to explain and demonstrate in plain language for ease of understanding for the customer.

As I said earlier I have an HND in computing. I have undertaken various work-related training including troubleshooting and supporting Windows 7, Electrical equipment safety training (PAT), Display screen equipment assessment training, managing safety IOSHH course, ECDL and an advance PowerPoint and presentation course which I have found invaluable when delivering training to staff on new and existing software. We have in-house training to keep us up-to-date with all new and emerging technology being used in our school.

I enjoy the satisfaction that my job affords me. I enjoy working as part of a team to deliver the best environment for learning and teaching for staff and pupils. The job can be extremely demanding as problems have to be resolved very quickly to allow education to flow uninterrupted. As IT plays an increasing important role, if the servers are down there is no communication for the school so this places an extreme pressure to get systems back up and running well before the school day begins. As with any job getting along with colleagues and taking part in social aspects of the school help create a pleasant environment in which to work.