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Lucille Barton

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Lucille Barton

Lucille Barton - Learning mentor

Name: Lucille Barton

Job Role: Learning mentor

School: St. Bernards Primary School, Preston


I am a learning mentor at St Bernard's Primary School in Preston. I love my job. There's never a dull moment! No two days are ever the same.

I have GCSE qualifications in Maths, English and Business Studies. I also have a Level 3 qualification for teaching assistants. As a learning mentor, I need to have a great deal of empathy and patience with pupils and their families in all sorts of situations.

I am constantly trying to improve my ability to communicate effectively. There is a child in reception with Down's Syndrome who uses British Sign Language. I have recently been on a signing course, organised by UNISON, so that I can better meet the child's needs. 

In addition I have done training in behaviour, speech, language and first aid. The school have been great in helping with financial support for my training.