Lorraine Solti - Science Technician

Name: Lorraine Solti

Job role: Science Technician

School: The Regis School, Bognor Regis

Bio: A school science technician since 196, with previous experience as a biology technician and school cleaner

My career history includes five years as a biology technician at St Ivel (a UK dairy brand) and a stint as a cleaner in a primary school, but I have been a school science technician since 1996.

I have undertaken work-related training at the school, plus trade union training. 

Working as a school science technician is rewarding because it produces practical and tangible outcomes for the children. I have been able to develop my skills at the school and it is a positive and supportive environment to work in. I enjoy lesson preparation and helping them fulfil their potential as well.

Working in a school isn't just a job, really you can't just go to work and plod through the day – children's lives are involved and I believe I make a positive impact on their life chances. I enjoy using my knowledge of science and encouraging the pupils how to solve problems and think critically. The most challenging aspect of the job is the lack of control I have over the planning of lessons and school priorities.

I have GCSEs in a range of subjects plus physics, chemistry and biology. The latter were gained at evening classes.